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Contemporary Dance and Body Conditioning


Dulwich Ballet School (DBS), in addition to the traditional styles of Ballet, Tap and Modern Dance, also offers classes in Contemporary Dance, a style which has become extremely popular in the last decade as illustrated by works such as Revelations and The Rite of Spring.

We also offer classes in Body Conditioning from Ballet Grade 3 upwards.

Contemporary Dance

10 - 15yrs

Dulwich Ballet School (DBS) offers three levels of Contemporary Dance. Its technical similarities are often perceived as being closely related to Modern Dance and Ballet developed during the mid-twentieth century. Contemporary Dance classes are creative, challenging and promote the versatility and individuality of each student. In the levels below there will be a mix of technical exercises incorporating traditional techniques such as those by Graham and Cunningham including creative work such as choreography and contact/partner work. A variety of genres of music can be used in this ever evolving dance style.

The guide age-range for this class is 10-15+ years, depending on previous dance experience as follows:

Level 1 for ages 10-13
  • Level 2 for ages 13-15
  • Level 3 for ages 15+

Body Conditioning

12 - 18yrs

Body Conditioning is recommended for students in Grade 3 ballet and above. It helps to improve core strength and fitness, improve flexibility and stamina which all help with their graded ballet work.


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